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High Pressure Misting Systems

Quality high pressure water misting systems designed and installed by professionals for a variety of applications:

• Restaurants, function venues, patios and outdoor areas
• Cafes and bars
• Safari camps and lodges
• Houseboats and yachts
• Sports and recreation facilities

Keep cool and fresh with our tailor made misting systems, designed to suit African conditions.


• Post harvest cold storage
• Fresh produce humidification and rehydration
• Supermarkets
• Wine cellars
• Production and processing facilities
• Dairy and livestock farms
• Chicken hatcheries
• Mushroom growers
• Greenhouses, Horticultural and floricultural farmers

Our agricultural misting systems and cooling systems are unsurpassed in Africa. We understand Post harvest treatment.


• Mining
• Textiles
• Insect control
• Dust control
• Factory humidification and climate control
• Evaporative cooling

Industrial high pressure misting systems designed for professionals, by professionals.

Coldex has a track record throughout Africa in quality cold chain/cold storage solutions for agricultural, floricultural, horticultural, fishing, meat, baking, dairy and perishable products.


South Africa

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